Click on any pumpkin-TV below to view some of the best videos about Pumpkinfest made to date!

There is aerial footage, underwater video, and some informative pieces on why we do what we do.

For a complete catalog of all Pumpkinfest videos, please visit the Pumpkin Archives.

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2018 Plant Growing

Catch this time lapse video of growing plants from May 21st till July 24th.

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2015 Giant Pumpkin Drop

Pumpkin versus car – see who wins! Views from the ground and from 180′ up on the crane.

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CBS News - Sunday Morning feature

See Pumpkinfest hit the national stage with CBS.

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Great Atlantic Pumpkin Seedling Giveaway

Informative feature on Seedling Sunday, including great overview of Pumpkinfest events.

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The Travel Channel: Halloween Crazier feature

Watch this regatta segment from The Travel Channel as Pumpkinfest goes national again.

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Pumpkinfest & Regatta Overview

Catch this video that outlines the events and trip planning, courtesy Lincoln Theater.

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2015 Pumpkinfest Regatta

Rise from the depths and follow the 2015 Regatta from boat cam and dock vantage points!